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What is Eye Candy?
Welcome to Eye Candy!! Eye candy is a collection of dazzling and beautiful eyes! Feel free to upload your images.

Can I upload random eye images?
Yes, as long as you have permission from the owner or the rights to use the image.

Can I upload celebrity eyes images?

Can I upload a picture of my face?
The purpose of eye candy is to display eye images only, so no full facial features are allowed

Can I upload just one side of the face showing an eye?
Yes you can!

Can I watermark my eye images/designs

How many can I upload?
As many as you like, but please DO NOT abuse the system by sitting here all day long uploading 500 images per hour!

Can I add links/urls to my blogs/sociall network/websites?
Sure! Feel free to add which ever link pleases you.. that you own.

Is eye candy free to use?
Yes! No charge at all!

Who can view my images?
Anything uploaded in eye candy is viewable by the public

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