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Do women secretly wish that men never existed?
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Do women secretly wish that men never existed?

Some verbal microaggressions I’ve heard against women are:

•“I wouldn’t work for a woman.”
•“If you dress like a slut, you’re asking for it.”
•“She thinks like a man.” (intended complement)
•“You’re being too emotional. You need to look at this logically.”
•“I’m impressed that a woman could do that.”
•“Why don’t you just get back in the kitchen.” (supposed joke)


I been noticing more and more microaggressions toward men, but I’ve found surprisingly little discussion of this trend. There is a word most people have never heard of: Misandry, meaning hatred of men. It corresponds to misogyny, hatred of women. By noticing microaggressions directed against men, we can uncover a lot of ‘hidden’ misandry. Here are some examples I've come across:

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•“Men only think with their dicks.”
•“A man wouldn’t understand.”
•“Men just want a hole to put it in.”
•“Men can’t hear the word no.” (when rejected sexually)
•“Men are obsessed with lesbian porn.”
•“Really? You don’t like sports?”
•“He’s, you know, ‘artistic.’”
•“Be a man.”
•Men are womanizers, man-whores, man-sluts”

I’ve even heard women say things like, “Balls are gross. I hate them.” If a woman overheard men talking about vaginas being dirty and disgusting, she’d surely think this was misogyny and microaggression, but why not the other way around?

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